Shopping cart with money and no sign
Can you challenge yourself to go one month without spending cash on things that aren’t absolutely essential? This is tough work but by going 30 days without unnecessary shopping, you can help get your budget under control.

On average, it takes about a month to break a habit. If you are a big spender, this is a great way to change your behavior. It’s also a way to examine your relationship with money. Often people spend money due to emotions. Do you shop when you are stressed or upset? Do you do it when you are frustrated? By using this strategy, you will have a great understanding of how you spend money – and why.

Before you begin, you can decide what is essential to your life; however, be realistic. Is that daily latte an essential item? For the most part, try to get by on what you already have, make meals at home and think before you make every purchase.

At the end of this experiment, chances are, you’ll have something extra in your account. At the very least, you’ll have some understanding of what makes you buy the things you do and the triggers that cause you to make purchases.