redheaded woman pumping gas
You can see yourself behind the wheel, smiling as you cruise down the road, music playing, not a care in the world…but wait! Before you make a move toward getting your first car, take this quick quiz; simply answer yes to no to the following:

  1. Do I need a car?
  2. Can I afford to buy a car?
  3. Can I afford to keep a car running?

Let’s review, especially if you weren’t sure about some of the answers. Do I Need A Car?

This is a very different question from “Do I Want A Car?” We all know the answer to that one. But first, ask yourself if you really need your own transportation:
  1. Do you have a job you need to get to?
  2. Do your extracurricular activities keep you at school after the buses leave?
  3. Is there a shortage of vehicles in your household?
  4. Is there any other reason you need your own wheels?

  5. If the answers to these questions is yes, getting your own vehicle may be a practical choice. But there’s more to consider.

    Can I Afford To Buy A Car?
    We’re talking thousands of dollars here. Where is it coming from? Consider savings, income from a job or a loan. How much can you afford to spend? A car is probably the largest purchase you’ll make until it’s house-buying time. If you put a lot of money into a car, how much will realistically be left for all the other things you like to buy – music, movies, clothes, eating out, and all that other good stuff. And remember, once you have the car, the expenses continue to add up.

    Can I Afford To Keep A Car Running?
    Registration. Insurance. Gas. Oil changes. Inspection. Repairs. Tires. Tolls and parking. The freedom that comes with having your car certainly isn’t free. Research vehicle ownership costs online and make a budget to see if a car works with your finances. Even if you’ve been saving up to buy your car, it’s easy to overlook the ongoing expenses that come with owning and maintaining it.

    If you haven’t been scared away yet, congratulations! Buying a car may make sense for you. We’re here to help you understand your auto loan options. Stop by and see us! We’ll help you navigate the traffic jams and get you closer to your dreams of the open road!