Two men talking at coffee bar
You’ve likely heard the real estate adage, “Location, Location, Location.” Well, a similar phrase holds true with careers: “Network, Network, Network.” Generally speaking, networking is the number one way to get a new job. Since hiring supervisors have a lot on their plate, they’d much rather receive a good candidate via a direct suggestion rather than sifting through hundreds of resumes.

You may think, “But I don’t have a network!” Whether you know it or not, you do! Family, friends, classmates, professors, old bosses and even coaches are all in your network. Make a list of everyone you know and start connecting and reconnecting. You don’t want to reach out and beg, “Give me a job!” Rather seek out advice, ask to have a meeting, request recommendations or just let these individuals know your qualifications and your near-term and long-term goals.

There are opportunities to network everywhere you go. Every social engagement, meeting and even conversation at the park is an opportunity to build your network. Be ready for these encounters by having a short description of yourself, including your achievements, education, and skills.

Here Are Some Ways To Meet People And Build Your Network:
  • Attend Professional Meetings, Conferences And Conventions
  • Take Classes In Your Profession Or Interests
  • Volunteer At Organizations That Interest You
  • Talk With Your Neighbors And Acquaintances
  • Always Be Ready To Strike Up A Conversation Wherever You Go
  • Reconnect With Former Colleagues And Classmates On Sites Like LinkedIn And FaceBook
  • Attend Workshops, Book Readings, And Lectures

Expanding your network can be fun. Each time you meet someone new or talk to someone in a new way, you never know where you’ll end up. As you go through life, you will connect with many different types of people. Develop and nurture these relationships, and it will help you expand your network.