Necklaces on store display
If you think outside of the box, there are probably many ways you can utilize your talents to make some extra dough. Working in this way is great for when you are in school or as some extra cash when you start working full time.

Start A Handmade Craft Business – There is a huge Do It Yourself movement happening across the country – and even the world – right now. It’s never been so easy to get your creations sold. Artists no longer need to spend every weekend at craft fairs (unless they want to!). They can now sell their art online thanks to sites like With sites like this, you can set up a store to sell anything you create: wedding invitations, party invites, holiday cards, curtains, illustrations, fabric items, and even jewelry. Especially if you create things that are part of the latest trends, you’ll definitely be able to cash in.

Seek Out Treasures – If you are really good at spotting cool antique treasures at thrift stores, your talents could be worth quite a lot to people across the country. Many people don’t have the patience or know-how to sort through items at thrift stores and would rather head to to purchase these special treasures. Head to thrift stores and grab all the cool vintage stuff you can find and then list it on eBay. Depending on how much you pay for it, you can make quite a profit by selling these items.

Do Freelance Work – Do you write, edit or design? Offer your talents by designing logos, websites or brochures. Sites like are a great place to look for assignments. You can also get the word out there about your services via family and friends. It’s an exciting way to build your portfolio and make extra cash at the same time.