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Many people have a misconception that “going green” is expensive. When, in fact, in many cases going green saves you tons of…well, green. Help Mother Earth and your wallet with these easy tips.

Conserve Energy – You’ve been hearing this from your parents for years, but it goes beyond turning off lights when you leave a room. However, you should continue to do that too! In addition to lights and TVs, turn off other electronics like computers and video game consoles each day. And don’t forget to unplug items that are not in use – yes, cell phone chargers count, too.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – When it comes to money and the environment, this adage rings true. Cut back on spending and waste by reducing your purchases and consumption. Reuse what you already have and recycle what you can when you’re done.

Share And Share Alike – In addition to reusing what you can, sharing items or borrowing them from friends and family will help you all cut back on spending. Even if your pals don’t have what you need, you can often find inexpensive or free items on sites like, or

Pack Your Lunch – After years of eating ramen noodles, once you start your first job, ordering your lunch every day might feel like a luxury you deserve. However, not only is ordering out costly but it is also wasteful. Take out containers and excess packaging contributes to the 4.6 pounds of trash the average American produces per day, according to the Clean Air Council. Buy a reusable lunch container and Tupperware, and then bring your lunch every day. You’ll save hundreds of dollars –and pounds of trash – each year.

Reuse Your Water Bottle, Too – Keep the bottles out of the landfills and keep more cash in your pocket. Each purchase of bottled water costs a dollar on average. By refilling a bottle with filtered water from your place, you’ll stay hydrated – and your bank account will stay happy.

Clean And Green – Whether it’s at your parents’ house or your apartment, it’s always a good idea to clean with homemade products. They work just as well – and in many cases better than the store-bought kind. Plus, they cost just pennies to make. Make your own disinfectant by mixing 2 cups of water with 3 tablespoons of dish soap. Add 20 to 30 drops of tea tree oil for an added kick!