Dollar bill in the back of jean pocket
Saving money can be hard to do! Even adults struggle with it sometimes. That’s why it pays to put these smart spending and saving habits to work as soon as possible.

Here are 7 simple tips that can help you save your hard-earned allowance or paycheck:

  1. Identify what you’re saving for. A savings account is a great idea, but you’re even more likely to put money aside if you name the account something like “Car Fund” or “New Laptop”
  2. Find new ways to make money, including doing chores around the house or neighborhood.
  3. Wait for things to go on sale before buying them but don’t buy anything just because it is on sale
  4. Find something you and your friends like doing that doesn’t cost money like volunteering at an animal shelter or joining a club
  5. Use cash. It is easy to hand over a debit card or send money digitally but old-school cash makes expenses seem more “real” and makes you less likely to spend frivolously
  6. Find a hobby that you can earn money doing like photography, graphic design, painting or video editing and then be sure to tell your friends and family you’re available for hire