Volunteers picking up trash
Have you heard of the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation? This is an organization that has one main goal: to change the world through kindness.

So what are Random Acts of Kindness? Well, basically it means you do nice things for people – at random, of course. The idea is that you do something nice for someone, and then that person “pays it forward” to someone else, creating a circle of positivity.

And This Has What To Do With College?
Well, the good news is, while the concept of “Random Acts of Kindness” is based upon people being purely altruistic (meaning “being nice just for the sake of niceness”), things like:
  • Volunteering At A Local Organization
  • Helping Out At A Soup Kitchen
  • Delivering Groceries To Shut-Ins
  • Sending Cards To Troops Or Hospitalized Children

It will not only make you feel like a million bucks, but they could be volunteering experiences that may enhance a college application or even your resume.

Think About It!
You can’t go wrong when it comes to helping others, and the ability to add volunteer work to your resume or college app is a huge bonus.